Friday, September 13, 2013

His and Hers. Quilts for my Grandad and Nana

So last spring when I was visiting my mom, we got into a sewing frenzy and had so much fun digging through her stash! She has a bit of everything. From girly to masculine, primitive to modern, bright to lower contrast (or volume for the trendy types). You could seriously make a quilt for just about anyone with her fabrics and I'm blessed to have access to it.

While stash diving, I was so inspired by two very different sets of fabric.

One looked like a life spent with horses. There were denim-y blues, tans and creams and was filled with designs that reminded me of barb wire fences, the American flag's stars, and good old pearl snap shirts with Wranglers or Levis (your choice).

One set was gorgeous light blues and buttery yellows and several shades of the prettiest pinks. It had flowers of many sizes and pin dots and stripes.

These fabrics, to me, represented two very important people: my Nana and my Grandad. Because they are married to each other (!) and have been for over 70 years (what an amazing legacy is that?), we used the same basic design to represent the sameness that comes from being a couple. But we wanted to acknowledge that they are still individuals with their own preferences and personalities, so the fabrics and the quilting are different.

His is quilted with cowboy motifs of horses and stars and guns.

Hers is quilted with gorgeous roses.  

I delivered these while I was home visiting a few weeks back, as early birthday presents, so hopefully they've both opened them already!