Monday, June 3, 2013

A Quilt For Comfort

Last month, I called my Mom, like I do almost every morning. I just called to check in and say hi and see what she had going on that day. Only, that morning, when she answered, she said she would need to call back later, because she was at the hospital with some very good family friends.

When she called back, she told me that our good friend was hospitalized. That he had been re-diagnosed with cancer and that he wasn't well enough that day for his second treatment of his second round of chemo.

I was driving when she called and immediately knew I wanted to make him a quilt that he could take to his chemotherapy treatments, so he wouldn't get cold. I stopped by a local fabric shop, and after sending a few photos to my mom, I purchased a few manly FQs and headed home with a plan. I combined the fabrics with some from my stash and settled on a very simple, but bright and cheery squares quilt.

I cut it the same day. Pieced it the following and started tying it soon after that.  I pieced some long white panels for the backing, so that their Sunday School class could write encouraging messages and prayers and notes to him on the back.  Less than a week after my mom told me about our friend's cancer, the quilt was tied, bound and fedex-ed back home.

The same evening that the quilt began its journey home, our friend went to his heavenly home, too.

I was heartbroken when I found out, but really hoped in my heart that it would bring his family some comfort. I honestly wasn't sure if it would be hurtful or helpful in their time of grief, but I was still glad I made it and that it was on its way to my Mom.

The quilt arrived the day before his funeral. She called his wife to let her know about it and his wife was so touched by it that she said she wanted it to be with the other things he loved on the alter during his service. {I'm completely choked up writing this}.  They displayed it during the service on Friday and on Sunday their Sunday School class started writing notes to and about him in those large signature panels.

Although this quilt won't bring our friend comfort and warmth during chemotherapy, I pray that it does bring comfort and joy about him and his amazing life to the heart of his wife.


Started and finished: May 2013

8 1/2" finished squares, tied with a navy pearl cotton thread.

Fabrics: Mostly a combination of Simply Color by V and Co., Simple Marks Summer by Malka Dombrowsky, and Fresh by Wyndham, but with a few prints from Stof, too, I believe.

Backing: Fresh by Wyndham with solid white and other 8 1/2" finished squares.


  1. What a beautiful post. I'm sure your quilt will provide great comfort to his family and be a reminder that you care about them.

  2. Oh my goodness, Katie, this is beautiful. I know it must be such a special quilt for his family now.

  3. So precious - what a lovely gift..