Monday, March 11, 2013

QuiltCon 2013: Denyse Schmidt Lecture and Quilts

Well, I'm finally back with another QuiltCon 2013 post. I promised to show photos of her quilts and a few tidbits from her lecture, so without further ado...
my favorite quilts from the Denyse Schmidt exhibit at QuiltCon.

The Straight and Narrow #2.
Cotton, linen. 2011. Courtesy Ralph Pucci International.

(The Straight and Narrow #2, detail of fabrics and quilting)


4 Crosses, steel.
Cotton, designed 2008, produced 2013.


Glasshouse Shelves.
 Cotton. Designed 2008, produced 2013.


Roots, ginger. 
Cotton. 1998. Collection of Wendy Marquardt.


Hope as the Anchor of the Soul #2.
Mount Lebanon Series New.
New and vintage cotton and linen. 2010. Collection of Greg Couch.


String Theory, red, from the Denyse Schmidt for Sarita Handa Collection.
Cotton, 2005.


Pretty Square, fog, from the Denyse Schmidt for Sarita Handa Collection. 
Cotton, 2004-2005.


Courthouse Steps. 
Cotton, 2009. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing these.
If you have a chance to see them in person, go! They are wonderful.

And if you can ever listen to Denyse speak, go! She's wonderful and hilarious.
Some highlights from her lecture:

She began her quilting journey when she moved to a new place (New Jersey I believe) to live with a boyfriend and needed to make friends. 

She took a stone carving class and for one assignment she carved the saying:
"My Mother Said Nothing Is Ever Written In Stone."

She created a font for text and showed us pictures of it being used on the backs of semi trailers (which she loves to take pictures of and look at because they are of similar size to quilts). One of those trailers was for a fish company with the slogan: Meat Without Feet!

Lastly, she said she designs and plans quilts for beds. So every quilt is designed to look good when draped over a bed. 


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