Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday: My first WIP link up

So for the first time, I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

I have a few too many projects going right now, so I'm making myself finish several before I start any more (not counting the x and plus quilt I started today by making my very first block).

This is a little mini quilt top that I need to quilt and bind and at the bottom of it is a picture of my first x and plus block. Loved making that block, so it is no wonder that it is such a big trend on Instagram and Flickr.

This baby quilt needs nine more quilting lines. My goal is to finish it tomorrow, because that mama will be induced a week from Friday. I am planning to bind it by machine (first timer here) and write the label. These are big steps for the sake of speed. I've only ever hand bound (hello, good movie watching time and I love handwork) and hand embroidered labels (because I don't like the look of written labels). But for the sake of expediency and because this quilt will not be an heirloom by any means, I'm just gonna forsake my normal routine and get a move on. #finishit2013 right?

Oh, and this is actually the back that you can see. I'll post a picture of the top when I get finish! 
The next WIP is a way late baby quilt that needs to be quilted. This is a terrible picture of the top (colors are off) but I'm super excited about this one because my friend has no idea that it is coming and she waited a REALLY long time and through a very hard journey to get her sweet baby boy.  She did her nursery in a vintage circus theme, so I think Petite Odile by French General will compliment the little Big Top Nursery really well.

The color is much better in this picture below. It also shows the border detail that you can't see above.

I've got a few more projects going on, and I actually have some tops at the quilter, too, because the Lord knows I just can't do it all. Maybe by Friday I'll have some finishes and then I can show up here again next week with all new WIPs. (Except the x and plus blocks will not be finished or even close).

Have a great, and productive, week!


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  1. Lovely projects! I especially like the blue one! Great you are linking up to W.i.P. Wednesday - I find it a great accountability! ;-) Enjoy the x and + this week - I'll be making them too!