Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Un-quilting (mostly)

Linking up again with Freshly Pieced.

 So I didn't make as much progress on as many WIPs last week as I wanted to, but I did successfully turn one WIP into a Finish!! It is the cutest little bright baby boy quilt

I also started the quilting on this little pretty, but am now, unfortunately, in the process of ripping it out.

The backing puckered! So thanks to the advice of IG and my mom, I'm going to re-baste it and try again. I thought I had it as taught as I needed, but apparently not.  See the damage:

Yikes! At least I can rip it out while sitting on the couch watching old One Tree Hill episodes.
Hopefully I'll have more progress on my x and plus blocks by next week! And maybe have another finish or brand new WIP to report as well.

Thanks for checking in! 


  1. Good luck with the unpicking :-(
    I have to do some too tomorrow evening, I think. I have been postponing it way too long!
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    esthersipatchandquilt AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Hope the ripping goes quickly and next time everything goes smoothly!