Friday, February 22, 2013

A Baby Quilt: "Little Boy Blue and Grey"

Early last spring, soon after my love for quilting was renewed, I found out two sweet friends were each pregnant with baby boys number two. I hadn't made quilts for either with their first, but I still wanted to do something super special for my friends and every now and then a second or third child needs something neat that was just for them! So being the thrifty quilter that I am, I started looking for a free pattern.

And what better place to look than the Moda Bake Shop blog? I found a great pattern and I knew immediately that I wanted to make something similar for both. So using the free charm pack pattern "Happy Weekender Quilt" as a guide, I raided the stash and came up with enough greys and blues and creams to get started on two scrappy, yet elegant, little men quilts.

This is one of the two completed! I had it quilted on a long arm at a LQS and it was backed in a rich charcoal minky that made it so amazingly soft!


I had the other one quilted at a different LQS in a lighter grey thread and used a light blue minky on the back and a pattern they call "popcorn" for the long arm. I don't have a picture of it (that I can locate at the moment) but it was pretty similar, yet still unique.

When each mom got the quilt in the mail (they live in my old state), I got similar picture messages with the BIG brothers with the quilts. Both big brothers wanted to take 'em over! How sweet is that? 

I would definitely use it again, especially if I had a cute charm pack and a baby to sew for!


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  1. Beautiful quilt! I love that it is boyish but not babyish--there will be many years of happy snuggling with this quilt.