Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Road Trippin' to QuiltCon

As you read this, I should be on my way to QuiltCon! I convinced my mom that we should go (didn't take much convincing) and we are both super excited for a little trip.

I live far far and away from the city of Austin, but my mom? Well, she lives in somewhat easy driving distance! So I'm flew home yesterday, and we packed up the car and are hitting the road with a couple of soy lattes in the cupholder. We plan on soaking up some sunshine, listening to a little Pat Green and George Strait, and puttin' our boots on, because everyone knows boots are made for walking! And that is just what we will do at the show! Oh, and I'm pretty excited to eat some (Tex-)Mexican food, too.

Yee haw!

I'll be taking photos with a real camera , so that I can come back and write a blog post, or two, with good pics...but if you can't stand to wait that long, check out our trip and everything we find interesting on flickr: sagenovembersews or Instagram: @sagenovembersews or .

Can't wait to check back in with loads of inspiration.


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  1. I am so jealous! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it!