Sunday, February 17, 2013

Katie & Ginger: Going to QuiltCon

Well hello again (Mom) and anyone else in blog land who happens here!

I'm late to the party, but I thought I should do the five things post and link up, because I'm Going To QuiltCon..

I'm Katie...
[Image Removed]

and this is probably what I look like most of the time.   And these are 5 things you do not know about me:

1. I started jogging when I stopped swimming, because you don't have to get your hair wet and because all you need are shoes and a good sports bra. Not 10,000 gallons of water in a concrete hole and a gym membership.

2. I started to really like jogging, much to my own surprise, and have been somewhat consistent since then, but only ran my first race (a 5K) last September.

3. My hair is naturally pretty wavy, but I like to wear it smoother than that... so I don't like getting it wet very often (See Number 1) and only wash every 3 or 4 days (which sounds gross if you See Number 2, but it really isn't. Promise.). 

4. I'm slow to warm up to people, but once I know you I'm pretty chatty.

5. I prefer veggies to fruit and have since I was a toddler. Odd, I know.


My mom, Ginger, is will be with me at QuiltCon... I convinced her it would be a fun road trip! But I'm not sure she wants me to link her photo on the site (I'll check and get back to you). We look a lot alike, except she wears her shoulder length hair wavy more often than I do and is a few inches closer to the ground.  We will probably be together all the time.

Here are five things you don't know about her:

1. She has one dog named Gus and a cat named Woodrow. Funny, huh?

2. She has a habit of finding animals and bringing them home. I think more than half of her pets were strays before they found her.

3. She has been drinking coffee since she was 3 years old. Taken as a splash of coffee in a cup of milk and sugar back then.

4.  She just finished a Spools Quilt that Katie plans to blog here later on!

5. She doesn't carry a cell phone. She sees no need.

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  1. Hi Katie, I am taking my mom to Quilton too. It will be a short road trip for us. Can't wait!