Wednesday, February 27, 2013

QuiltCon 2013: Meeting Violet Craft & the Michael Miller Booth

I'm back from my wonderful trip to the heart of Texas and wanted to share all the good things we enjoyed! I plan to write a two or three part recap of my time there, because one post would just be TOO long. There's a mix of both iPhone and real camera photos.  

We road tripped down on Thursday, went to lectures and the show both Friday and Saturday, and drove home Sunday after a nice morning run and a delicious brunch.

As soon as we arrived on Friday morning, we made it our mission to find the Michael Miller Booth and see my quilt! So we entered the vendor hall, wandered quickly throughout and happened upon this:

There is my quilt in all its upside down glory! Ha!


And here I am sitting with it! I sat beside it and didn't pick it up, because I didn't know I could. Even though it was mine and I've had my hands on it for weeks, I didn't want to mess with the display at all and so I just left things as they were. 

While my mom and I were taking pictures, we noticed Violet Craft! standing in the booth, chatting with Elizabeth Hartman (I think--I'm not great at recognizing celebrities!) of Oh, Fransson! My mom insisted that we wait to chat with Violet and I'm so glad we did! 

She is a lovely, lovely person and it was fun to listen to her talk about her design process and about how she loved seeing how people interpreted her fabrics in ways she never would have expected them to! For example, a few of the challenge projects used flower prints to represent the sun. She said she never would have thought that someone would do that. 

Anyway, my mom took our photo together (and unfortunately the color is off because the camera was on a funny setting). 


When Violet picked up my quilt, I realized I probably could have done the same thing. Ha! Live and learn. So we went back the next day and took a few more pictures of the booth

And here I am actually HOLDING my quilt! 

What a treat it was to see my quilt in a booth in a quilt show! 

Next up (tomorrow) are tidbits and photos from the show! Then I'll have a post about the lectures we attended, too, so check back!


  1. Dude is that you? I don't think I've ever seen you besides the ITTY BITTY pic from your profile!!! Awe! Congrats on your quilt! So proud of you!

  2. Katie, It was so great to meet you! I love your quilt so much and you are ADORABLE!!! :)