Friday, February 15, 2013

My First Mini Quilt: Four Patch Delight

So I'm in this mini quilt group at a LQS. It's a lovely group of women that meet once a month for a few hours and work on mini quilts. I joined the group for a few reasons: 1. It helps me meet people with similar interests in a new town; 2. I know I can learn a lot from more seasoned quilters; and 3. Mini quilts are fun projects that I can use to stretch and grow and actually get finished in a reasonable  amount of time.

We are currently using this:

for our patterns. It is called Fat Quarterly Quilting: Simply Charming and was designed by Lori Smith.  The directions are simple and clear. And it only takes a fat quarter to back the whole thing....

The way the group works is that we work on a pattern for two months. You can do whatever you like on the quilt at the meeting: cut, piece, quilt, bind, chat or all of the above. It just depends on where you are in the process and how much you can do before and after group meetings. After those two months, you are supposed to finish the quilt (completely) and bring it to the following month's meeting (so you finish it and bring it when we are starting a new pattern).

I've only been to three meetings so far., so I have only finished one quilt and I just started on my second (in really different colors). And without much more ado.... this is my first mini:

The pattern for this one is called "Four Patch Delight" and I think it is a delight!  I wished after I saw some other finishes that I had done something a little different for the quilting, but you live and learn! I still had a lot of fun on this little mini and actually cut my own bias binding for this one. See:

I hadn't done it before on my own. It was actually really simple and I love the result. Who doesn't like plaid cut on the bias?

And if you look closely, in that tiny little cream border I sewed tiny loops. Actually, my Pfaff sewed the loops with a decorative quilting stitch, but I still guided the fabric. 

I should be back with number 2 sometime after the second week in April! And maybe I'll be back with something else before then.


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  1. I love the loops in the cream and the bias binding--wow